As I am sitting here in Panera, where I should be working, I find my mind wandering and feel a wave of emotion come over me. No, not because I get to see Taylor Swift tonight… but because I have started to realize something that is very hard for me to think about.

While our family, friends, Philip and I wait in anticipation for this whole foster journey to begin I come to the realization that not only is this super exciting… but also really very sad. Our agency has estimated that we could be licensed in about a month. Do you know what else is in about a month? Thanksgiving… then Christmas… then New Years. The holidays. While the holidays are supposed to be “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”; for one family it will not be. I’m not a mother, but I cannot even begin to imagine your child being taken away from you. Not ever… but especially during the holidays.

Some people don’t understand that even though most of the families are neglecting or abusing their children, they still love them deeply and don’t want to see them go.

Today, I am thinking about our future foster child and their family. I am sad for them. I don’t know who they are quite yet, but I know that no matter what situation they are in – this will not be the most wonderful time of the year for them.

Instead of praying for us today, please pray for this family and what they are about to be faced with.

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